Top Destinations in Colorado: Denver’s City Center

Even for American cities, Denver is quite young. The city was founded as part of a gold strike that, like many in American history, was short-lived but left behind a thriving community that would become a major metropolitan area with a robust legacy. What started a century and a half ago is now Colorado’s premier city.

Denver has long had the trappings of a significant city, but more recently has made strides to become a destination of truly international significance. Just in the last generation, the city has added a new airport, stadium, central library, downtown amusement park, central library, and light-rail system. It’s now begun construction of a major highway renovation that will send a major interstate underground in the hopes of reducing congestion while reclaiming land with significant property value.

Efforts of further development and growth are to be seen in and around the urban core—and have so for many years. Certainly, there have been some steps backward, both historically and more recently. The tension with teachers’ pay and the teachers’ union that led to a strike is one good, example. Check out the city’s museums, art galleries, food scene, international culture, and thriving neighborhoods, starting with these cultural touchstones.

Colorado Railroad Museum

You can hours, ticket prices, admission policies, location, parking, group, and event information to Plan Your Visit. As for why you should go, it’s a rare opportunity to check out an 1880s train depot replica. The museum itself is now 60 years old. It’s a great place to learn about our local connection to the nation’s railway history.

Go to a Rockies Game

Denver is a great sports town, and while the city is, arguably, better known for Denver Broncos following, we recommend going to a Colorado Rockies game if you’re visiting during the baseball season. Coors Field is an amazing modern ballpark and the LoDo district is its own destination. If it’s winter, go skiing.

Elitch Gardens

Looking for modern thrills with an historic flavor? Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park has it all. It was founded in1890. It has significant sections of the grounds dedicated to traditional amusement park rides, water park rides, and gardens. Here is the information to Plan Your  Visit.

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