Top 5 Colorado-Based Companies that are Changing Their Industries

Colorado’s capital has seen a massive influx of transplants from around the country, each looking to cash in on a dynamic job market and desirable quality of life. We all know Denver is a hub for tech and innovation, but how do these companies stand up to their industries? Unsurprisingly, the city is home to several businesses working to disrupt decades of industry practice in favor of faster, more efficient, and more affordable alternatives. Here are the top 4 Denver-based companies changing their industries.


Company: Guild Education

Industry: Recruiting and HR Tech

Guild Education is a mission-led startup reinventing training and high education pathways to increase economic mobility for working adults. This company allows workers to access a low-cost education at more than 80 universities through their company, creating a personalized education plan with a coach. The employer supplies tuition assistance funding through employee benefits. Their online platform supports students, employers, and universities, bringing together job training, career advancement, and educational opportunities for America’s workforce. Balancing full-time work and higher education has never been easier.


Company: CANVAS Technology

Industry: Autonomous Vehicles

Based in Boulder, CANVAS Technology designs and manufactures autonomous vehicles that will transport and deliver materials across a factory floor or other commercial and industrial settings. Autonomous vehicles may not be ready for the open road and congested city streets. Amazon drones may not be ready to fly over your house and land on your front stoop. Yet, CANVAS is already poised to change the way factories work with leaps-and-bounds improvements to workplace efficiency and safety.


Company: TRELORA

Industry: Real Estate

TRELORA is a commission-free real estate company working to equalize the industry, putting more money in the pockets of buyers and sellers. Rather than paying a hefty commission to your realtor, home sellers and buyers pay a one-time fee to list their home, then receive professional and hands-on advice from TRELORA’s real estate professionals. Their mobile platform helps sellers get the best price and buyers find their dream home, providing notifications about showings, offering comments from potential buyers, and putting all necessary information into a single platform.  The company was founded in 2011 and has already surpassed $6 million in consumer savings in Denver alone.


Company: SonderMind

Industry: Health Technology

This is a venture capital-backed digital health company redesigning behavioral health to become more accessible, approachable, and utilized. After answering just a handful of simple questions, this copany connects individuals with mental health professionals who understand their needs. SonderMind combines a variety of software tools, integrating provider network and services to generate data needed to serve consumers, employers, and health systems.


Company: Personal Capital

Industry: Financial Technology

Personal Capital provides free, online tools to create total clarity and transparency in personal finance. In housing all essential bank and financial accounts in a single platform, users can fully assess their financial health. Expert advisors provide unconflicted advice users can easily understand, resulting in financial security and candid goal-setting. With a simple goal of building a better money management experience, Personal Capital already has more than 1.8 million registered users and tracks $550 billion in accounts.

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