Colorado’s Industry Prioritizes Diversity

If you have even a passive interest in Colorado, you know that business is booming. Many Colorado transplants move here for job opportunities, but most don’t understand the idiosyncrasies of the local job market until they spend some time in the office. Colorado’s workforce is young, smart, and extremely progressive, especially in and around the Denver and Boulder metropolitan areas. This means businesses are changing the face of Colorado industry. As it turns out, that face is remarkably diverse and increasingly friendly to the LGBTQ community.

Through both inclusive advertisement campaigns, diverse workplaces, and an emphasis on equality, Colorado industry is opening the doors to people of all backgrounds. Building diverse and inclusive companies creates safe work environments, encourages cross-cultural understanding, and fosters a sense of creativity. It’s one thing to talk about diversity in the workplace, but it’s another to put your beliefs into action. Colorado companies appear to understand that diversity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords—they seem to be talking the talk and walking the walk.


Increasingly Diverse Business Leadership

Take, for example, TRELORA, an up and coming real estate company working to disrupt the Denver real estate industry with their flat fee real estate commissions. The company is incredibly LGBTQ-friendly. Their CEO and Founder, Joshua Hunt, is openly gay, fostering a sense of inclusivity for both TRELORA workers and clients. This innovative company was able to snag the former Co-CEO of Chipotle for the chairman of its board of directors. If there’s anything that can make a person shift their career from burritos to real estate, it’s a smart business model, progressive values, and an emphasis on inclusivity in every workplace scenario.


Evidence of Broader Cultural Shifts

While important, it’s more than just individual stories that are signaling a shift toward LGBTQ-friendly attitudes in the Denver business community and across the state. For years, multiple Denver companies have been featured in the news as earning top ratings on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index. This year’s Corporate Equality Index produced new records for companies with top ratings (609) and overall companies (947).


Local Business Trends Accelerating Change

Colorado has served as a magnetic force for entrepreneurs for a while. Denver’s tech industry, though young, has made waves internationally. More than just tech, however, these young entrepreneurs are having a broader cultural impact on Denver’s larger business community. Whether you’re considering a career switch or simply find your current office too stale, Colorado might have the open and friendly workplace you’ve been looking for. Through executive-level diversity representation, mentoring opportunities, training initiatives, and diverse hiring practices, Colorado companies are shifting the conversation.


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