Colorado’s Art Scene is Thriving

We want everyone to know that, though Colorado gained popularity as a state for nature-lovers, young families, and entrepreneurs, the Centennial State has some serious chops when it comes to art. From independent scenes and world-renowned art schools to incredible contemporary and classical art museums, we have everything you need to continue indulging your love of artwork.


Colorado Museums

Let’s start with the museums–we’ve got plenty of them. The Denver Art Museum is one of the largest between the West Coast and Chicago, boasting an impressive collection of Native American and Pre-Columbian art. Looking for something a bit more… modern? Both Denver and Boulder have established contemporary art museums, bringing artists like Derrick Adams and Lisa Oppenheim to the Rocky Mountains.

Our museums aren’t limited to stuffy galleries, either. Take, for example, the Museum of Outdoor Art. This institution has an indoor museum space, but they also offer admission to an outdoor art collection, allowing visitors to explore sculpture in the round in a beautiful space. The 10-acre Benson Sculpture Gardan in Loveland is another great opportunity for visitors to experience art outdoors.


Denver Art Schools

Moving to Colorado but planning to go to art school? University and student art scenes thrive in our diverse and multifaceted communities. The Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design ranks consistently among best colleges for art in the country, and the Art Institute of Colorado is a wonderful place for emerging artists to get their start. Interested in a residency? Hundreds of schools and galleries provide sponsored or partially-sponsored opportunities for new and established artists.

2 thoughts on “Colorado’s Art Scene is Thriving”

  1. The outdoor art in this state is worth a trip! Sculpture gardens, beautiful fountains–we’ve got it all.

  2. Colorado is also home to some pretty incredible artist residencies. I did one with Elsewhere Studios a few years back and it really helped me find my voice as an artist.

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