You May Not Know it, But Colorado Has Beaches

When imagining Colorado, you might envision miles of mountains, hiking trails, biking trails, and skiing availability. This is true–we are known, first and foremost, for the Rocky Mountains. But you may be surprised to know that we offer far more than downhill skiing–Colorado is a state of coastline.

Well, not coastline. Shoreline is more accurate. Regardless, the Centennial State boasts hundreds of miles of beach–both sandy and rocky–ready for your summertime water adventure. From Grand Lake and the Blue Mesa Reservoir to Medano Creek and Jackson Lake State Park, we have all the beach you need to spend a weekend soaking up the sun. Planning a move from the East or West coast and dreading life as a land-locked resident. Trust us–you’ll be fine.

Where there is beach, there is water recreation. You might think Coloradans were born whitewater rafting or only know how to paddle a boat if it’s in Class 4 rapids. This might be true for some of us, but there’s more than enough peaceful water out there to develop other opportunities. Into paddle boarding? We have that. Have a canoe? We have a launching point. Did you grow up sailing? Our lakes are big enough to make you feel like you’re in the middle of an ocean.

Colorado may be landlocked, but we have our fair share of windsurfers, swimmers, kayakers, and sailors.

2 thoughts on “You May Not Know it, But Colorado Has Beaches”

  1. I moved to Colorado from California back in 2015. Before the move, I sold my windsurfing equipment because I didn’t think I’d be able to find legitimate water here. Low and behold, I ended up buying back all my equipment! This state really has everything!

  2. Summer weekends on the Blue Mesa Rez! I live on the Atlantic coast now, but I’m still nostalgic for Colorado beaches!

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