Retracing Colorado’s Industry

  • Colorado is quickly becoming one of the world’s preeminent destinations for cannabis research. It’s no wonder. The change in public policy dovetailed with the state’s long history of agriculture and agricultural research. The Rocky Mountain region is one of the few places in the country where an “Aggie” is someone from Colorado, rather than College Station and Texas A&M. Colorado State University was originally founded as the Colorado Agricultural College and it still maintains a word-class facility in the Agricultural Research, Development, and Education Center. More recently for cannabis research, the state university system has diversified by opening the world’s first Institute of Cannabis Research. Likewise, in a development that would have seemed unimaginable a generation ago, Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment is helping find participants for a number of marijuana research studies.


  • We may not have the brand name healthcare providers like the Cleveland Clinic or the Mayo Clinic, but the alpine terrain and abrupt continental climate has given the state plenty of experience in dealing with trauma and emergency care. Moreover, the country’s leanest, healthiest state is also a great example of the value of preventative care and healthy living. Even apart from cannabis legalization, our independent, quintessentially western spirit has also incubated a robust culture in alternative and holistic medicine.

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  1. Colorado has always been at the forefront of medical and healthcare research. It’s one of the reasons I moved!

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