About Colorado Peace

Colorado Peace is an organization committed to promoting all that is good and peaceful about the Centennial State. This includes original feature stories about people and businesses, our take on other news and media about Colorado, as well as general information and statistics about the state.


We try to speak both to longtime residents and newcomers to the state. You probably love the mountains, the microbrews, and the weather, but we also love to share some of the singular facts, odd developments, and eccentric qualities that make Colorado great.


With its incredible growth in population, home values, and career opportunities, Colorado has enjoyed plenty of accolades and good news in recent years. Nothing without providence, as the state motto goes. The early adoption of legalized marijuana didn’t hurt, either. But even with all the hype, there are still plenty of hidden gems to discover and explore.


We want to be something of an informal ambassador for the state and all the good things being done by its residents, businesses, nonprofits, and local government. We recognize that just because something is a positive overall doesn’t mean it can’t have drawbacks. We try to be informative and straightforward, while still pointing to the inherent complexity that comes with certain topics and which is largely inevitable with approximately 6 million people and more than 100,000 square miles of land and resources.



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